Macy’s jacket – quick update

Check this out – I have added  2.2 cm of ease to the right sleeve cap ( using the average sleeve cap ease to armscye ratio ), the sleeve height has gone up 1cm. Also I have tapered the sleeve in 2.6 cm. The sleeve head might look dangerously high, but since my fabric has stretch in it, I think I will be able to raise my arm in it :) I think the angle of the right sleeve is much more natural than the left one. Not crazy about the rounded sleeve head though

Sleeve cap ease difference

Sleeve and Armscye ratios, relations and manipulations

tutorial image 1

How many times have you had a sleeve pattern dilemma?

Maybe you needed to make it wider and were not sure how to, so you left it as it was?
Maybe you had widened the armscye and your sleeve became limp and lifeless and you were not sure how to fix it?
Maybe you were drafting a jacket pattern and were stuck not knowing how deep the armscye should be?

There are answers to all of these problems, of course they may be all on internet in tiny grains of priceless knowledge and in many books you may or may not have access to.
You can trawl sewing forums and websites for days looking for answers, or you can have it all explained in my Armscye and Sleeve manipulations and ratios file.
In this file I have combined information on main sleeve pattern drafting questions:

  • what is the average sleeve cap ease
  • relation between fit of the garment and depth of the armscye
  • sleeve cap ease ratios per 1 cm of the armscye length depending on the type of the fabric used
  • sleeve cap/armscye measurements correspondence control table
  • sleeve and armscye modifications: how to widen the bodice and preserve the shape of the sleeve, how to adjust the sleeve as you shorten the shoulder seam
  • relation between depth of the armscye and sleeve cap height to achieve harmonious result
  • how to calculate all measurements needed for a successful sleeve and armscye draft based on your Top Arm measurement alone, etc

You will be able to simply measure the armscye length or a width to determine if it is going to work with your sleeve and much more.

If you are tired of guess work, serious about improving your pattern drafting skills and achieving professional look and then this information is for you.

Download this file in pdf format for $AUS 7.00