Fly closure ( ladies )

Sewing in a trouser zipper is not hard, and you have done it before. You probably have a favourite way to go about it.

Here is my preferred method.

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Autumn fashion

Earthy tones and cosy fabrics from Clocci and Cori Autumn/Winter 2012 collections.

These are my favourite garments. I love the diagonal panels and combination of classic leather and short gloves. Leather shoulder patches add structure


Cori's no-fuss lines and leather shoulders

Clocci’s colour and texture play is great and I love those red pumps!


Clocci's chunky knits

And this ensemble can be worn as is, straight off the runway


Leather trim shorts

What are your favourite Autumn/Winter trends so far?

Trouser pocket tutorial

I have not posted any sewing tutorials so far and I’d like to rectify this. You might find them interesting, I know I always look through tutorials on your sewing blogs and sometimes I find very interesting and original variations of the same old techniques.

Today’s tutorial is about sewing a front trouser pocket. Click the pictures for a better look.

I begin with laying the facings on top of the trouser pocket. The pocket is cut as a single piece to avoid unnecessary seams. I try to reduce bulk whenever possible.

Detachable collar trend

I have noticed this trend is becoming more and more popular – it has popped up on a few blogs already, some people are giving them a go and I must say it doesn’t loo too bad!

All the shapes and sizes

What do you think, will you give a detachable collar trend a go? Will it work with your wardrobe?

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The creative license. You have one.

Now that you have your brand new, shiny bodice block, think of all the things you can do with it.
You can do all of these just by manipulating darts!

Excited yet?